Playing with Paper

As a part of an assignment for a class at the Dortmund University of Applied Science and Art, where I study Photography, I decided to do a series of pictures inspired on the Kinfolk Magazine. This very particular magazine has a unique style, very minimalist, clean and, I would say, simple but deep. Pictures are most of the time accompanied with a short story, recipe or poetry and it is definitely a pleasure to read the text or cook those not very common dishes.

I initially decided that the series will be made of just paper, as a sort of creative challenge, but after a while I realized that in order to achieved that goal, I would have to probably take an Origami course, something that I didn’t have enough time (especially considering that the professor from this class was very demanding and demanding). I broke my own rule and allowed myself to use one or two non-paper elements, and after finishing the assignment I was very please.

Exploring a complete different area of photography (I normally do portraits and sometimes architecture) allowed me to incorporate new elements during my classical project’s conception process.